The Tianjin Police Visited CBCGDF and Introduced the Investigation on the Case of the Poisonous Death of the Oriental Storks Around the Bohai Sea
2019/12/18 11:37:00 本站

The recent poisoning incident of the Oriental storks around the Bohai Rim has attracted the attention of all parties in the society. Police in Tianjin, where there have been quite some cases of poisoning, quickly launched investigations based on reports from volunteers. On December 10, the representatives of the Tianjin police responsible for investigating the case visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and introduced and explained several issues that everyone was more concerned about.


Previously, the Tianjin side attached great importance to the case of the death of the Oriental storks found in the fishpond by the CBCGDF volunteers. The police also maintained efficient communication with the volunteers while investigating the case.


According to the CBCGDF volunteer Zhong Zheng's introduction, on November 8, the Tianjin police communicated with him and informed him of the detection of the Oriental storks’ poisoning case. It has been preliminarily determined that the owner of the fishpond accidentally sprinkled excessive amounts of chemicals medicine into the pond after cleaned the fish this winter, which led to the occurrence of the death of seven Oriental storks and other birds.


CBCGDF expressed its admiration for the swift and effective action of the Tianjin police, who braved the cold for four days and four nights to repeatedly examine and verify the muddy fishpond that posed a threat to their own safety. This time, the Tianjin side specifically came to CBCGDF to explain the overall situation of the incident, CBCGDF is also very grateful.


The Deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF said during the meeting with visiting Tianjin police representatives that Tianjin has implemented many powerful concrete actions in the construction of ecological civilization, and it is well worth learning. The goals of protecting the environment and protecting the ecology are the same. CBCGDF and the volunteers will also fully assist Tianjin in doing a good job of ecological environmental protection and work together for the construction of Beautiful Tianjin and Beautiful China.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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