Ecological Civilization is the Guiding Ideology of Ethnic Ecology Research and Rural Revitalization in Ethnic Areas (Abstract)
2019/4/26 12:11:00 本站

Author: Dr. Zhou Jinfeng




Some ethnic areas in China still have problems such as poor natural conditions, fragile ecological balance mechanism, inconvenient transportation, and single economy, especially in the western region, which is more prominent because of the need of regional production and life improvement, and economic development, resulting over-exploitation of resources and severe damage to indigenous biodiversity and the ecological environment occur frequently. The ecological civilization thought put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping requires the emphasis on the protection of biodiversity and solving the prominent problems of the ecological environment while developing the economy in an efficient and orderly manner. This is the basis of the ethnic/regional ecology of the interaction and interrelation among the constituent elements in the study area of regional natural environment and is also the guiding ideology to promote the regional realization of rural revitalization. By studying the relationship between ecological civilization thought and ethnic ecology research, this paper explores a regional model of harmonious coexistence and mutual promotion between man and environment, economy and environment, and promotes the coordinated development of civilization of regional industrial structure, civilization of the space system, and civilization of the subject of the region from multiple angles and levels. Only by the height of civilization and the use of ecological way of thinking to guide the study of ethnic ecology and guide the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization can we truly realize the regional ecological civilization.


Keywords: Ecological Civilization; Ethnic Ecology; Rural Revitalization; Biodiversity Conservation, Ethnic Areas

By / Niu Jingmei