Safer Water, Healthier Children: CBCGDF’s Water Safety Fund Improves Rural School Drinking
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Safer Water, Healthier Children: CBCGDF’s Water Safety Fund Improves Rural School Drinking


Children need safe water; but clean water is not always readily available for rural schools. CBCGDF established a Water Safety Fund. Recently, donation was in place, and starting in January 2019, a rural school started drilling new well. The water safety renovation project of the whole rural campus is expected to be completed in March. By then, children can have enough and safe drinking water!


Previously, water supply for the school children was from a shallow-well through this pipe, and then distributed to every classroom. When water was scarce, children kept on very frugal in washing their hands.



There is a river less than 100 meters away. Most of the water in shallow wells comes from the river. And 20 meters from the original shallow-well, lots of rubbish on the roadside.


The bottle in the left picture contains shallow-well water after electrolysis, that is the water for children's daily drinking; the right bottle contains mineral water.


In the near future, children will be able to drink safe water every day!


[ABOUT] The CBCGDF’s Water Safety Fund is a cross-border public welfare platform for water pollution treatment and water safety in China, initiated by environmental protection NGO, law, media and public welfare personages. Its mission: disclosure of water pollution, containment of the spread of pollution; delivering safe water to rural children; cross-border cooperation, exploration and establishment of a water safety publicity and promotion system; strong cooperation in support of national action to control pollution, with the community to raise awareness of water safety, jointly defend the bottom line of sanitation. The goal is to let everyone understand the situation of water pollution around them, and let all children can drink safe water, and let the public participate in the action of protecting the water environment, so as to establish a stable awareness of environmental protection. At the same time, the CBCGDF also provides economic and judicial assistance to people whose lives and even lives have been seriously damaged and injured by water pollution.


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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