No Need Carts, Doesn’t Contain the Pollution of the Septic Tank, the Water in Duobao Hui Nationality Primary School, Now Safe!
2018/10/28 20:12:00 本站

Duobao Hui Nationality Primary School, located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. There are currently all together 168 people includes teachers, students and two chefs. Before the CBCGDF Water Safety Fund came here, the drinking water issues of teachers and students depended on the use of carts to pull from nearby villages. This includes the kids’ daily drinking water, the school’s canteen cooking water, etc., all with this approach. The conditions are already very difficult. With the increase of the local population and the shortage of water resources, the school’s drinking water supply is still facing an increasingly dilemma. Moreover, the safety of water during transportation is also hard to obtain. What is even more worrying is that this primary school is particularly vulnerable to water shortage in the second half of the year due to its high geographical location.


Back to long time ago, the school had a well, but was later contaminated by septic tanks. After inspection by the health department, it is no longer drinkable. Although after many cleaning and rectification, can not reach the standard of drinking water.


Finally, with the funding of the CBCGDF Water Safety Fund project, Duobao Hui Nationality Primary School now has a 22-meter-deep well. Seeing the clear water flowing out of the well, the kids have extended their little hands to wash, super exciting and happy! Some other kids secretly drank a few mouthfuls. After testing, the water quality of the school has reached the sanitary standard of drinking water.


At present, with the increasing efforts of the state to support rural education, the hardware facilities of rural schools have been greatly improved, with bright classrooms and relatively complete teaching equipment. The CBCGDF Water Safety Fund is to provide kids with healthy water protection on this basis.


Water is safe, kids will be safe.



(Photo source: CBCGDF Water Safety Fund)

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