Dagui Primary School – From Water Shortage to Water Safety: On-site Documentary from CBCGDF’s Water Safety Fund Executive Team
2018/10/11 18:22:00 本站

At the beginning of the year, the CBCGDF Water Safety Public Welfare Fund received a school application from Jiangxi Province. After the initial review, the execution team, together with the project support partner Danzi Charity Foundation, came to the famous cultural city with more than 2,200 years of history - Jiujiang. Here, the team realized the importance of water for local children, and they also deeply felt the persevernce of school faculty. Now, with the completion of the Dagui Primary School Water Safety Reconstruction Project, the newly dug wells can be put into use after being washed several times, and the water quality of the new wells has also been monitored.


The small partners of the project execution team also recorded the history of the water security transformation of Dagui Primary School, which is real and warm.


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(Photo source: Water Safety Fund)

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