First Allocation on Water Security Project
2017/12/27 16:35:00 本站

In most rural communities, the children are not only exposed to the shortage of water but also the excessive ingestion of bacterial from them drinking unclean water. It is indeed very sad to see that with the increased urbanization rate of most countries, most people living in rural communities still suffer from shortage of clean drinking water. To help schools solve the water safety problems in remote areas, CBCGDF and its Water security Community Charity Foundation Jointly sponsored a water conservation and child Safety education project to help schools that have drinking water problems to solve water shortages and water quality problems hence ensuring the children have a safe and secure drinking water to bring children a more healthy body and happy learning environment. Next, the project implementation team will visit the site, investigate and record the first schools that have drinking water problems, conduct water quality monitoring of drinking water in these schools, and provide the basis for further targeted solution development. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the research, CBCGDF will be allocating a total of 43566.40 Yuan for the first project.