Erik Solheim’s donating his personal author’s remuneration to biodiversity protection in developing countries
2021/11/11 9:48:00 本站

Lately, Erik Solheim, former executive director of the UN Environment Program, donated 1500CNY to Kunming Biodiversity Fund (KBF) through “People’s Support to KBF”, a CBCGDF’s project, in order to contribute to developing countries’ biodiversity protection. We feel extremely grateful to Mr. Solheim for his sponsorship to global biodiversity protection and sustainable development.


Kunming Biodiversity Fund

When Xi Jinping, President of PRC, was in the first part of CBD COP15 the World Leaders Summit, he announced that China will be the pioneer to finance the establishment of KBF, supporting developing countries’ biodiversity protection. This statement not only strengthens the confidence of global biodiversity protection and draws extensive attention in the international society, but also fully demonstrates that China is a responsible and powerful country.

KBF’s major goal is helping develop developing countries’ biodiversity protection, facilitating the implementation of CBD and Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. These measures include but are not limited to the formulation and revision of strategies of supporting developing countries’ biodiversity, enhancing abilities related to biodiversity, founding information platforms, improving information exchange, and corresponding with financial projects.

The dramatically decreasing trend of biodiversity never abates. Since time wait for no one, as a national-level society and a public-raising foundation for public welfare in the field of biodiversity, CBCGDF willingly responded to our nation’s advocacy and became the first one to donate 1 million CNY to support KBF and would undertake the work of subsequent donations. To lower the threshold for civilian donations, CBCGDF specially set up a projection about KBF for the public. And we welcome people of all walks to join in, make donations to, and support this work.

CBCGDF will make sure that any financial support acquired through this public channel will invariably be pumped into KBF once it begins to operate.


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