To Illuminate the Future for Kids in Pakistan | CBCGDF & UNHCR have been jointly Empowering Pakistan with Love
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Since the  late 1970s, the turmoil in central Asia has been tremendously affecting the region and the whole world, making around 2.7 million Afghan homeless due to warfare.

Pakistan, a neighboring and developing country, has accepted 1.4 of 2.7 million people from Afghanistan, and then, has to face great shortage in natural resources due to the influx. In the refuges, life of the local people is certainly full of challenges.  


Villages for these displaced people are distant from each other, and this isolation and  the limited water supply systems left no choice for locals but to procure water on foot every day. In scorching whether, people cannot store fresh food due to the lack of electricity and electric appliances. Using the stove to cook is the only option available but people have to face the high price of firewood. Considering these real problems, children and women there need to devote more time to physical life and thus care less about education. Relying on the dim light of campfire and candles, they are at risk of fire accidents and shortsightedness.


Such problems can never be dealt with once for all. Currently, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development (CBCGDF) & United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are jointly facilitating the improvement of Pakistani resource use.


Most children, women, and the elder people in remote refuges are invariably suffering and undertaking risks of being bullied on their several-hundred-meter walk to water stations. What’s worse, the scarcity of water also means poor sanitation, resulting in new imbalance especially during the pandemic.


Clean resources are the open sesame to a brighter future of Pakistan resource system.


CBCGDF, together with UNHCR, is devoting their efforts to bringing a brighter future to Pakistan, where there is an intractable environment, and to participating in shaping a more sustainable community atmosphere. We believe sustainable development can silence violence and create peace.  


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