Letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Hope to Attach Importance to and Solve the Problem of Beekeepers’ Production Operations and Establish a Long-Tern Guarantee Mechanism | CBCGDF Hive Fund in Action
2020/8/7 10:57:00 本站

Recently, beekeepers in a place in western China reported to China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) that they were unable to make timely transitions due to the impact of the epidemic in the early stage, resulting in delays in pollination and nectar collection by bees. In addition, the recent drone spraying of pesticides caused their bees died in large numbers, and they are suffering extremely heavy losses.


After learning of the situation, CBCGDF Hive Fund quickly combined the handling experience of beekeepers from different regions in the first half of the year, and sent letters to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and relevant local people's governments on specific conditions to help beekeepers coordinate and resolve the impact of the issue on their livelihoods, calls for relevant departments and society to pay attention to relevant actions to support beekeepers in a timely manner.


At present, China's epidemic prevention and control has generally been successful, and a normalized epidemic prevention and control mechanism has been established. This year is a decisive year for China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. Bee farming is related to the problem of poverty alleviation for bee farmers. Bee pollination is also an important guarantee for a good crop harvest and maintenance of agricultural biodiversity.


In order to further protect the legitimate rights and interests of beekeepers and ensure their normal production operations, CBCGDF wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and made the following suggestions:


1. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs takes the lead in establishing a long-term mechanism for the green passage of beekeepers. In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, after beekeepers pass the nucleic acid test, it is recommended to simplify the procedures and allow beekeepers to transfer in a timely and orderly manner to ensure the normal progress of bee pollination and nectar.


2. Formulate policies to benefit the people by appropriately subsidizing beekeepers who have suffered losses. At present, due to the spraying of pesticides and the epidemic situation, it is impossible to transfer in time. The death of bees raised by beekeepers is intensifying, and rescue and support are urgently needed to ensure the sustainable production of beekeepers. As the competent authority, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs can provide necessary subsidies to beekeepers who have suffered losses from the perspective of anti-epidemic relief and help them gradually resume normal production.


3. Strictly regulate drones spraying operations. At present, the preservation of aerial plants, which are mainly sprayed with pesticides by drones, is lagging behind in technology research and development, and it is also easy to cause harm to aquatic products, bees, silkworm breeding, and beneficial insects in the pesticide application area and surrounding areas. It is recommended that your ministry formulate relevant technical regulations to strictly regulate the pesticide spraying operations of drones, especially in combination with meteorological conditions, strictly control the scope and time, strictly screen agents, and strictly regulate flight prevention and control. At the same time, actively encourage and guide the development of ecological prevention and control of pests and diseases and reduce the adverse effects of pesticides on the ecological environment and human health.


At the same time, the CBCGDF Hive Fund also sent a letter to the local government where the incident occurred to reflect the situation, hoping to promote the rapid resolution of the problem.


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 (Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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