The Flood is Merciless, and CBCGDF Has Love | Used Clothes Recycling Project Went to Gushi, Henan Province
2020/8/5 16:11:00 本站

The continuous heavy rainfall in the summer of 2020 has brought a huge threat to the people in Gushi County, Henan Province. According to media reports, as of July 18, continuous heavy rainfall directly caused all 97 existing small and medium-sized reservoirs in Gushi County to overflow, leading to the collapse of houses, damage to bridges, and flooding of crops in many townships in the area. The affected population reached more than 40,000.


The floods were fierce. In order to avoid the floods, the people did not bring a change of laundry when they left home. Some people were even homeless. After learning of this situation, the CBCGDF used clothes recycling project took urgent action and sent a batch of clothing collected to the Charity Volunteer Association of Gushi County as soon as possible and distributed it to the victims in a timely manner. Some people have added warmth in this special rainy season.

(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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By / Niu Jingmei

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