CBCGDF Water Safety Fund Jointly Launched a Water Safety Plan for 100 Schools in the West China
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In early June of this year, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Water Safety Fund donated water cellars with a capacity of 50 cubic meters, water tanks, safety cups and water safety classes to the Buding Primary School in Hunan Province, in response to issues such as poor water use, pollution, unsanitary and unhealthy water appliance, and students’ low awareness of drinking water safety there. Now that the construction of the project has been completed, the kids’ drinking water has been greatly guaranteed.


After learning about the difficulties in drinking and finding water for the children in Nongli Village in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Water Safety Fund consulted with the construction team and believed that a water cellar with a capacity of 60 cubic meters could be built there to satisfy the water demand of the children, and immediately started the project assistance. At the same time, the CBCGDF Water Safety Fund contacted the water purifier manufacturer and designed a suitable water purifier according to the local water quality to completely solve the children's drinking water safety problem.


The water safety problem in Patch Primary School and Nongli Village has been solved, but there are still many children in schools in rural China who are exposed to unsafe water every day.


The "Water Safety for 100 schools in the West Plan" came into being. What's more gratifying is that this plan has been officially launched: the first batch of school water safety projects will start soon, and there will be corresponding water safety courses.


The China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Water Safety Fund aims at the substandard water quality and water pollution of children’s drinking water in rural schools in the west. It has jointly launched the “Water Safety for 100 schools in the West Plan” with Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Danz Charity Foundation. The plan is to help rural children enjoy safe, clean, and hygienic drinking water, so that children have safe water to use.


The first batch of schools are under implementation.


In January 2020, the Water Safety Fund received an application report from Wenshan School in Yunnan. The staff went to 17 rural schools in Wenshan, Yunnan to conduct water quality surveys.


The Water Safety Fund combined with the water quality inspection report from the local health and epidemic prevention center to conduct project evaluations on each school. Among the 17 schools that have submitted applications, the Water Safety Fund judges whether they are complete, whether the water quality is qualified, whether the school has installed relevant equipment, etc. based on the relevant materials submitted. Based on the above conditions, six schools that meet the requirements were selected. (Affected by COVID-19, the start of school is delayed in various places, and the first batch of implementation time is postponed to July.)


The status quo of drinking water for students in Chinese western rural areas


Environmental factors: According to statistics from the WHO, one quarter of the global sick population is caused by water pollution, and 4.6 million children die every year from drinking contaminated water. The current situation of China's drinking water environment is equally worrying. According to incomplete statistics, 82% of China's rivers are polluted to varying degrees, and 42% of urban drinking water sources are being polluted, and this trend is becoming more serious.


Economic backwardness: Economic underdevelopment and poverty make it impossible for schools or parents to provide children with a safe drinking water environment. They can only choose to silently endure sewage and stinky water.


Lack of knowledge of drinking water: Many school teachers and parents of students do not realize the longer-term harm caused by water pollution, and only try to quench their thirst for a while. Of course, this may be more economical in addition to weak consciousness.


CBCGDF Water Safety Fund’s action plan


1. Install water purifiers: In view of the water quality of schools, the Water Safety Fund provides water purifiers for schools. Let children drink clean and safe water directly in the classroom.


2. Donate cups of safe water: In view of the worrisome drinking conditions of rural children and the situation where multiple students share cups, the Water Safety Fund will provide each kid with a safe insulated cup.


3. Water safety classroom: Due to lack of corresponding hygiene education, the kids have insufficient hygiene awareness in drinking and water use. The Water Safety Fund will provide them with water safety education courses to improve their health and hygiene awareness.


You are in need


At present, the problem of drinking water safety in Chinese cities has been basically solved, but in many rural areas, access to safe drinking water is still what they look forward to.


The CBCGDF Water Safety Fund has already begun to take action and has received help from many sources, but it needs more support and help to solve the problem of drinking water safety in rural campuses in a comprehensive manner.


Welcome to join the Water Safety Fund and implement this plan together!











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