A Certain City’s Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau Visited CBCGDF and Communicated About the Central Finance City Black And Odorous Water Treatment Project
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On July 8, A certain city’s Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau team visited China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and had a discussion with Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of CBCGDF, Deputy Secretary-Generals Ma Yong, Wei Tianliang, etc. about the urban black and odorous water treatment and biodiversity conservation work.


Due to the problems of industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage directly discharged into the river, sludge deposition in rivers and lakes, and insufficient sewage treatment facilities, in addition to the long cold winter and lack of natural runoff, the river water of a certain city has appeared black and odor to varying degrees.


In 2019, the city was selected as a national model city for the treatment of black and odorous water bodies and received a central government budget of 400 million yuan in supplementary funds. In 2020, the black and odorous water bodies have been completely treated and eliminated, and a series of engineering measures are currently underway.


Relevant personnel of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau introduced the relevant contents of the project's environmental impact assessment, feasibility report, approval documents, etc., and exchanged details of the project progress.


Ma Yong suggested to increase the content of biodiversity in the environmental impact assessment and encourage the support of public participation. Dr. Zhou elaborated on the study of ecological civilization thought, as well as the significance, background, system and practical cases of biodiversity conservation work; At the same time, he recommended to adjust the thinking in the later work and establish a professional and scientific system to ensure the actual effect of the project.


CBCGDF will continue to pay attention to the relevant governance projects in the city and is willing to assist relevant departments to promote biodiversity conservation and implement ecological civilization construction.


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