Let the Donation Be Implemented Where It Is Needed | CBCGDF Briefed Pundarika Charity on the Working Progress and Thanked to Their Loving Donation
2020/6/27 16:48:00 本站

Recently, a group of 15 Pundarika Charity volunteers who once donated love to China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) came to the CBCGDF Beijing office. The deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF gave them a warm reception and gave a detailed introduction about the work carried out by CBCGDF.


"Caring for people in need in the society with sincerity, using love to make up for the shortcomings in the world, and doing things that are beneficial to the society and the country and all living beings" - upholding this concept, the Pundarika Charity made a loving donation to CBCGDF. Their visit is also a process for the two parties to deepen their understanding, and it is also the positive feedback of the CBCGDF to the volunteers who donate enthusiastically.


At this meeting, the deputy Secretary-General of CBCGDF introduced a series of work carried out by CBCGDF in the field of eco-environmental protection and various achievements, including the Toxic Running Tracks EPIL case, the plastic book cover case, and rescue of pangolin and other endangered species.


CBCGDF also introduced the Water Safety project, which is very concerned by the Pundarika Charity. The CBCGDF Water Safety Fund launched a water safety project, focusing on helping schools in remote and impoverished rural areas to solve the problems of insufficient water quantity and hidden safety risks of water quality. In recent years, the Water Safety project has continuously helped dozens of schools to solve the hidden dangers of water safety.


After listening to the work introduction of CBCGDF, the Pundarika Charity team affirmed the work of CBCGDF, and said that they will continue to use their own strength to raise love and charity and help more people in need through CBCGDF.



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By / Maggie, Melody Lee (Volunteer)