The Water Cellar Has Been Built, and the Tender Shoulders Do Not Need to Carry 30 Jin Water Kettles
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The kids in Nongli Village of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region had to carry 30 jin water bottles and walked a mountain road for several hours to find water from the deep mountain. They carry enough water at least once a day. For these small kids, not only is the water source difficult to find, and the water is generally not clean, it is easy to diarrhea after drinking.


Surprise shift


The kids no longer need to go to the mountains every day to find water! The first time they drank the water from the faucet at their door, they no longer have to worry about falling down when walking on a mountain road or can't find water in the dry season, and they don't have to worry about diarrhea after drinking water.


What happened?


After learning about the difficulty of drinking water and finding water for these children in Nongli Village of Guangxi, the Water Safety Fund team of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) consulted the construction team and found that a 60-cubic-capacity water cellar could be built there to satisfy the kids’ water demand and solve the safety problem of their finding water in the mountains.


At the same time, the teams contacted the manufacturer of the water purifier to design a suitable water purifier according to the local water quality, so as to completely solve the kids’ drinking water safety problems and prevent the hidden dangers of pesticides and bacteria in the water from affecting the kids’ health.


From late April 2020, with the help of the construction team and the enthusiastic help of local villagers, the water cellar project, which took nearly 20 days, was successfully completed.


From site selection, clearing roadblocks to find water sources, backing cement, frame construction, cementing, water leakage treatment, laying pipelines, setting water intakes, records of the entire process can be entered in the following Weibo link to view specific videos. Click to watch!


In May, the Water Safety Fund team inspected the water cellar and installed a water purifier. Before the arrival of summer, the daily water consumption problems of the kids were solved, and the water safety of theirs was guaranteed in terms of water quantity and quality!


Special thanks


Zhejiang Qixin Technology Co., Ltd for their strong support for the construction of this water cellar!


Thank you to everyone who cares and supports Water Safety Fund. It is your help that changed the lives of the kids and helped them to remove the 30-jin kettles on their tender shoulders, making it so “easy” and safe for them to drink water.






(Photo credit: Water Safety Fund)

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