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First of all, the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Hive Fund would like to express its sincere gratitude to GoldenBee Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting and all its employees, as well as several star support fan groups and many caring individuals who have given the fund a loving donation! It is your generous donation to help the beekeeper get through the difficulties! In the face of difficulties, it is good to have you walk together!


On April 15th, CBCGDF volunteers brought a funding agreement from the CBCGDF Hive Fund with love and encouragement to the beekeeper Lao Hu. In fact, this fund is not rich, but for Lao Hu, this is a timely rain, but also a life-saving fund.


Lao Hu, a native of Zhejiang, has been keeping bees in Xiaogan City, Hubei Province for more than 20 years. Because Lao Hu ’s son was engaged in courier work in Xiaogan City, during his visit to his son, he found that Xiaogan was rich in local honey and was suitable for breeding bees. He moved the bees to Xiaogan area.


Lao Hu's experience is similar to the experience of thousands of beekeepers. It is full of hardships and struggles and survival in the COVID-19 epidemic. This winter, it is extremely cold for everyone in Hubei. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Lao Hu had already placed the bees in advance and returned to his hometown in Zhejiang for the New Year reunion, because there were more than 90-year-old father and mother. He originally planned to return to Xiaogan City to breed bees after the fourth day of the first month of the new year.


But the epidemic broke out, the whole country entered a state of emergency, the lockdown of the city occurred, which led to the separation of him and the bees. Zhejiang will not let him leave. Of course, Hubei is the region most affected by the epidemic. He couldn’t go back even if he wanted. He could only stay in his hometown in Zhejiang.


Lao Hu was in a hurry but was helpless. Because of the peculiarities of bees, people who are not beekeepers cannot take care of them. During the outbreak, He originally wanted to find a few familiar local beekeepers to help take care of it. However, during the outbreak, the travel was closed, causing the bees to be left unattended for more than two months. There are only more than 20 boxes of the original 120 boxes of bees. A thick box of bees has deteriorated, and the health of the surviving bees is also not very optimistic, and they cannot continue to produce honey.

The CBCGDF Hive Fund decided to grant Lao Hu's 10,000-yuan cash flow after expert review and evaluation, so as to relieve his immediate urgency to purchase a series of materials for resumption of production such as bees and sugar. At the same time, Lao Hu himself needs to donate no less than granted fund to support other poor beekeepers' bee breeding and other matters after going through difficulties and making profits.


The establishment of the CBCGDF Hive Fund has many ideas, but the most heart-warming is that it’s hoped that love is like fire, every bit of contribution, sparks and fire, endless stretches, and the fire is passed down.


Lao Hu relies on bee products as a source of income. This time the bees suffered losses, he was hit, and the otherwise affluent life was further aggravated. Now Lao Hu has lost his source of life, and his son is engaged in courier work and his salary level is very low.


The situation is getting better and better. When Xiaogan City in Hubei Province lifted the lockdown, Lao Hu immediately returned to the apiary to check the situation, as if the sky had collapsed. Although the epidemic was ruthless, but the world was sentimental. Lao Hu obtained the help of Liu Ziwu, the president of the Mixiangyuan Cooperative in Xiaogan City. He truthfully recorded Lao Hu’s story and reported the apiary condition. President Liu was deeply distressed after learning the actual situation.


President Liu, after learning about the situation of Lao Hu, asked China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) for help, hoping that the CBCGDF could provide Lao Hu with financial assistance to purchase bees, resume production, and overcome this difficulty. After knowing the relevant situation, CBCGDF decided to give Lao Hu 10,000 yuan in funding.


If you and the people around you are experiencing similar difficulties, the CBCGDF Hive Fund is willing to walk with you and share the difficulties.

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