On World Water Day: No One Should Be Left, Safe Water for All Children
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March 22 is "World Water Day" and March 22-28 is the 33rd "China Water Week". The United Nations has determined that the theme of this year's "World Water Day" is Water and Climate Change. In China, the theme of celebrating 2020 "World Water Day" and "China Water Week" is: Persist in Saving Water First and Build Happy Rivers and Lakes.


Water Problems


China's total freshwater resources is less than 2.800 billion cubic meters, accounting for 6% of global water resources (while China's population accounts for more than 18% of the world's total). China's per capita water resources are only 2,300 cubic meters, which is only a quarter of the world average. It is one of the poorest countries in the world in terms of per capita water resources.


In China's central and western regions, there are still some schools that have not yet been able to use tap water. The school's water relies on the collection of surface water, groundwater and accumulated rainwater.


The unpurified water was brought directly to the children, but there was no other way than to make it up. Lack of supporting funds for water purification and support for infrastructure development, schools cannot afford the cost of water purification equipment alone. Children drink such water, their health is affected, and diseases such as diarrhea are common.


At the end of 2019, the CBCGDF Water Safety Fund conducted water quality surveys at 17 rural schools in Yunnan Province, combined with water quality test reports from local health and epidemic prevention centers. There are several relatively frequent phenomena in the schools surveyed:


1. The water source basically relies on surface water, with mountain spring as the main source


2. Hidden dangers of excessive colonies


3. Lack of water purification equipment


4. For the health and safety of the students, the schools can only purchase a certain amount of bottled water every day to meet the minimum drinking water needs of teachers and students.


Among them, the following problems were also found:


1. The water source is close to the farmland. Pesticides are used in farmland, and there are hidden dangers to water safety.


2. Diversion of water from deep mountains, the phenomenon of silt and impurities blocking the water pipes and polluting water quality


3. Old water pipes, lack of purification equipment and muddy water


4. The water pipe passes under the toilet, and there is a hidden danger of colony pollution.


What are we going to do


In order to protect more children from water pollution, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, and to solve the problem of actual water use in schools, the Water Safety Fund has launched a water purification program for 100 schools in the western region. 100 schools install water purification equipment to let children drink safe water!


School diverts water from the mountain


Water source near farmland


A school has old pipes and rust


Water pipe passes under the toilet



(Photo credit: Water Safety Fund)


(Photo credit: CBCGDF)

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