Carrying Forward the Spirit of “Community of Destiny”, CBCGDF Co-Launched “Green Ribbon Donation Campaign”
2020/3/16 12:49:00 本站

The hard work of the Chinese people has won precious time for countries to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as China’s coronavirus epidemic eases, the situation in Europe, including in Italy, France, Germany and other countries is getting worse and the situation is worrying. Earth home, our only village. China’s development benefits from reform and opening up, international cooperation and globalization. The virus doesn’t hold a passport, it is the common enemy of human society and dealing with it requires the working together of the international community. One side is in trouble and the other side is in support. No one can sit back and stand by.


Social organizations play an important role in this fight against the pandemic. The international aid to fight the COVID-19 epidemic should be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible, and a strong synergy to overcome the epidemic should be formed.


Dr. Zhou Jinfeng, the Secretary-General of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) and the vice chairman of the World Green Design Organization (WGDO), said: Human beings are a community of destiny. In the face of such major emergency, we must watch and help each other, and work together to deal with risks and challenges in order to build a better home on earth. CBCGDF shall promote the spirit of "Community of Destiny" to fight the epidemic. After co-launching the "Joint Initiative to Support Italy, France, Germany and European Countries to Fight the Epidemic" with Dragon Design Foundation, WGDO, China Creative Design Industry Strategic Alliance and other organizations, it will actively cooperate with many non-profit organizations and social groups in China and Europe to jointly launch the "Green Ribbon China-EU Epidemic Donation Campaign" to assist European countries in fighting the epidemic and provide assistance within their ability.


"A friend in need is a friend indeed”. We should try our best to save more lives, reduce losses and make contributions to winning the battle against the virus.


CBCGDF and WGDO jointly organize the efforts of all parties to do their best to fight the epidemic in Europe, including Italy, France, and Germany. At present, with nearly 50 Chinese and international professional organizations, we have called on the design community, and people of insight from all walks of life to dedicate love and help in various ways.


All sectors of the society are welcomed to help and fight the epidemic, donate various materials, and provide clues and supply information for various medical materials. Every effort you make is a great love and a vivid expression of the spirit of internationalism. “A Community of Shared Future for Mankind” is not empty talk, our bits and pieces will surely merge into the torrent, and everyone will become a unity and win victory!


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