Why Intervene in the Transferring of Bee Farmers and How to Promote This Work? | Zhou Jinfeng Answers Media's Questions (II)
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The central government has recently issued a document entitled “The Notice of the Central Leading Government on the Response to the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia on the Issuance of the Current Guidelines for Spring Tillage Production”. This document is a very detailed instruction on the spring plowing problem. Last night we organized CBCGDF’s volunteers and a large number of bee farmers to study this document. It is hoped that relevant departments in all regions will also study hard, earnestly implement the central government’s document requirements, and actively implement the successful resumption of production, so as to lay a good foundation for next year's harvest.


Pollination by bees is one of the conditions for next year’s harvest, and we want to be prepared for it without missing the season. This year is a decisive year for poverty alleviation, and this year’s agricultural production and ecological progress all depend on it. With the development of the epidemic, we hope that relevant departments will actively follow the instructions of the central government. We also hope that all departments, levels, villages, towns, counties, and cities will have the courage to take on their responsibilities.


[Beehive Fund Supports Bee Farmers]


Zhou Jinfeng: in recent two days, we have cooperated with the e-commerce platforms to help bee farmers open online stores, sell agricultural materials on the Internet, sell unsalable honey on the Internet, and help bee farmers recover production. At the same time, we also set up a Beehive Fund to support the resumption of the production of bee farmers through public fund-raising. This fund is for the bee farmers who have difficulties. After the bee farmers resume production and the economy has been alleviated, the fund will be donated to continue to support more bee farmers.


Yesterday, we also mobilized an emergency rescue team in Wuhan to help bee farmers deliver some sugar and issue some passes certificates. We are trying our best to help the bee farmers to the best of our ability.


[Latest Development]


CBCGDF’s Combating Epidemic and Rehabilitation Working Team has been communicating with Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places, hoping to reach an agreement on the self-quarantine of bee farmers. In the process of communication, we have received many replies from many departments, and the relevant departments have paid great attention to it. We will also consider the special situation of bee farmers and make appropriate opening and adjustment based on the requirements of epidemic prevention. Give the relevant departments some praise! It is also hoped that the counties where the bee farmers are located can follow the relevant documents and work hard to assist the bee farmers to carry out the returning work.


As of the time of posting this article, the Hubei Provincial anti-epidemic headquarters also replied to the second letter sent by CBCGDF’s Combating Epidemic and Rehabilitation Working Team on the 5th, saying that there was no problem with the traffic. In addition, for cities and counties that are not willing to issue acceptance certificates for bee farmers, the Hubei Provincial epidemic prevention headquarters will immediately reply to the relevant letters to the relevant cities and counties. In less than an hour, the Yiling District epidemic prevention headquarters of Yichang city has contacted CBCGDF’s Combating Epidemic and Rehabilitation Working Team to assist the bee farmers trapped in the last kilometer of the village to go through relevant procedures. Solving the most practical difficulties and provide timely help for bee farmers, we should praise the epidemic prevention headquarters of Hubei Province and the Yiling District of Yichang city!

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