Why Intervene in the Transferring of Bee Farmers and How to Promote This Work? | Zhou Jinfeng Answers Media's Questions (I)
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[Community Conservation Area for Chinese Bee]


Zhou Jinfeng: one of the cores of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) is to protect biodiversity. A few years ago, the “Community Conservation Area for Chinese Bee ? Tongbai Mountain” was established in Tongbai County to protect bees. As a pollinator, a bee is a very important link in ecosystem and biodiversity protection. In particular, Chinese bee (a unique bee species in China, is the main pollinator of forest community dominated by miscellaneous trees and traditional agriculture), which is also a pollinator of some specific organisms, plays an irreplaceable role in nature.


However, due to the pursuit of profits and production in the era of industrial civilization, large-scale imports of high-yield and high-efficiency wasps were made in the domestic market. Just like the planting of Red Fuji apple and the cultivation of imported pig species, these introduced species will have huge pressure on the living space of native wasps. At present, looking up the Internet, we can find that the native Chinese bee is on the verge of extinction, so we first pay attention to the bees and bee farmers from this perspective.


With the establishment of the Community Conservation Area for Chinese Bee, last year and the year before last, bee farmers have reflected us the death of bees due to pesticide poisoning. To this end, we put forward suggestions to the relevant departments to reduce the scale of pesticide spraying by drones and promote ecological and environmental friendliness. Therefore, we have been paying close attention to bee and agricultural biodiversity for a long time, as well as the work and situation of bee farmers.


[Pay Attention to the Transferring of Bee Farmers During the Epidemic]


Zhou Jinfeng: after this year’s epidemic, the level of national epidemic prevention has been improved, traffic in most areas has been interrupted, and bee farmers have been affected in succession. They began to report to us and ask for help in the transition. Because the bee farmers have to move to the next bee farm after collecting powder in one bee farm, and now the traffic is stopped because of the epidemic, the bee farmers have great difficulty in moving to the next bee farm. Including a bee farmer from Yunnan, because of the transferring difficulties, bee poisoning, and other multiple pressures, these bee farmers eventually hanged himself also make us heartache. Therefore, we decided we had to help the bee farmers.


We started from Yunnan bee farmers, appealed to Yunnan, Sichuan and other places for government support, then appealed to Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, and other places, and got the government’s response in succession, including Hubei, where bee farmers continued to move successfully, but still faced many difficulties.


[Bee Farmer Transferring and 2020 Poverty Alleviation]


Zhou Jinfeng: what we pay attention to is different from what we pay attention to the professional protection of bees, we have more profound significance.


First, 2020 is the decisive year for poverty alleviation, and bee farming is a very important influencing factor. Bee farmers are very simple workers, their economy is extremely dependent on honey production, bee condition and so on. Once they fail in their current transition, they may return to poverty this year, which is the key to the decisive year of poverty alleviation.


Second, honey produced by bee farmers is not only an important non-staple food in our life but also an important part of agricultural products exported by our country to earn foreign exchange. Our bee export scale is very large, and it is also a necessity of the international market, which can highlight China’s international contribution. Therefore, the group of bee farmers is of great value in terms of individual, collective and social economy.


Third, bee pollination has a significant impact on the ecosystem. Bees pollinate crops in the process of making honey and other crops in the environment. As we all know, crops, vegetables, and fruits cannot bear fruit without pollination, which will have a huge impact on our agriculture. At the same time, many other plants in nature are more dependent on bee pollination. Therefore, if there is a lack of bees, the ecological chain may be broken, which will cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem.


[The Central Government Attaches Great Importance to the Work of Agricultural Time]


Zhou Jinfeng: because of the above three important reasons, we are very concerned about the transferring of bee farmers. In particular, the central government in late February has clearly put forward that “fighting the epidemic and returning to work” is not wrong. The general office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department has also issued a notice recently, putting forward eight measures around agricultural production in spring. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is also required at all levels of agriculture and rural departments. We should not delay farming and prepare for farming in the agricultural season and ensure that grain and agriculture harvest is well off in the well-off society. According to the spirit of these important instructions and documents, we began to do our best to help the bee farmers solve the problem. In the context of the current fight against the epidemic, many local cadres had a lot of experience and lessons in the early stage, and they dare not relax in the slightest regarding the return of bee farmers, which is good and correct.


At the time of our initial contact, when some areas were reluctant to let the bee farmers in, they put forward a suggestion that they could be “fed on their behalf”. However, bee farmers say that it’s not appropriate to “raise on behalf of others”, for one thing, the cost is too expensive to bear; for another, the technology of raising on behalf of others is not mature. The actual effect will still lead to a large number of deaths of bees.


We also reported this situation to the local epidemic prevention headquarters, saying that “surrogate breeding” is not good. But the local government also put forward the regulation of centralized isolation for 14 days. In this season and this time node, bee farmers can not tolerate 14 days, because, after 14 days, bees have basically died out.


[Solution for the Returning of Bee Farmers]


Zhou Jinfeng: Therefore, bee farmers and we agreed that after returning to the farm, they will start self-quarantine in their farm. Because of the particularity of the working environment, this method is actually feasible. Then we have repeatedly called and sent letters to the local combating epidemic headquarters and relevant departments of the autonomous region, suggesting that bee farmers should be quarantined by themselves. However, the local government replied that unified arrangements need to be followed. Finally, Hubei Province took the lead in accepting our proposal and opened the door for bee farmers to return to Hubei.


There are also many difficulties for bee farmers in returning to Hubei, especially in the key areas of the epidemic. However, Hubei still has implemented the combating epidemic and return to work at the same time.  In some areas, the epidemic situation is not so tense, but these efforts are not taken seriously. So, we have been trying. In our practice, we have found that leading cadres at the provincial and autonomous levels support and understand the work of bee farmers, and they will also listen carefully to the situation reflected by us on behalf of bee farmers. However, the situation of local governments is different. Urumqi city did the best job, they issued special documents to support the returning of bee farmers.


[The New Problem after Returning to the Bee Farm]


Zhou Jinfeng: now there are some successful cases all over the country. But there are new problems now. For example, bee farmers without local household registration cannot enter. This is our new challenge. For example, a bee farmer in Chongqing was informed by the government that he could return, but when he arrived at the bee farm, the local government would not let him in, even if he follows the self-quarantine policy. So, the bee farmer had to go back to Chongqing without other choices, wasting a lot of money and time, and his mood was also greatly hit at the same time. The most important thing is that his bees are still dying every day.


It’s not the most important thing whether it’s a local household registration or not. It’s just a question of people trying to divide their responsibilities. But the urgency of bees is not related to the safety of the combating epidemic. Bee farmers are different from people in big cities. They are relatively isolated. They are also relatively isolated when they go to bee farms. Therefore, their self-quarantine in bee farms will not have a negative impact on the region.


But we still have a lot of obstacles. Because of the differences in household registration, location, and source, there are still various problems that have not been fully solved. We will continue to work hard to solve them one by one.

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