The First Beekeeper from Hubei Province Has Returned Without a Hitch, And Nearly 200 Others Are Expected to Return Soon | CBCGDF Anti-Epidemic and Resumption Working Group
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At midnight on March 1st, Liu, a bee farmer born in Hubei, and her family finally arrived in the hometown, Wulipu Town, with over 500 boxes of honey. Although they had spent the whole day on the way and even had time to have a meal, they instantly unloaded the beehives the moment when getting back home. Under the coronavirus outbreak, it is lucky enough for them to have the chance to back.


At about 2 pm, Liu shared with other beekeepers who are from Hubei that she had arrived at home via social media. "We are too tired," she told the Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) that she left Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province at about 7 pm in February 28th and arrived in Hubei at the midnight on March 1st. They didn't pull off to have a rest or a meal during the journey with over 1,600 kilometers. After delivering the beehives to the destination, the driver was exhausted and fell into sleep instantly. When they set off at dawn, they were not permitted to run on the highway because the driver's health certificate was expired eight days ago. Although the driver is Hubei native, the authority of Wulipu Town insists that only when the driver obtains an effective health certificate can he leave. Liu and her family members have all been occupied with this issue which got solved in the afternoon of the same day.


"The town (authority) is implementing strict measures. The bee farm was soon sealed off, and farmers are not allowed to contact other," this is what we heard from Liu on March 1st. Despite the tight policy, nearly 200 beekeepers restricted in Yunnan Province are envious of Liu as she can get back. "What the most important is health certificate and vehicle permit," Liu says supervisory personnel didn't check all certificates, but the above two are essential.


Su from Mahaokou Town, Gongan County, Jingzhou City, is one of the Hubei beekeepers who are stuck in Yunnan Province. He and a fellow-townsman are trapped in Moding County, Yunnan Province. It is estimated about 8,000 boxes of bees needed to be transferred to Hunan. Su reached Yunnan Province at the end of last November. He has over 260 boxes of bees, 20-30 of which have died of chemicals used on oilseed rape to control plant disease. "A larger group of bees are facing death as it is the end of fluorescence, therefore, bee farmers have to transfer bees to the nearest nectar." Su has contacted the disease control department of Gongan County, Transport Bureau, and the local village committee, but none of them can issue the certificate of receipt, not to mention the vehicle permit.


Besides Su, it is estimated that 20-30 Hubei beekeepers are stuck in Luquan County, Yunnan Province because of the vehicle permit. Hou who is from Beishayang, Hubei Province, has communicated with the disease control department of Quanlu County and the local office of the petition since the end of February but failed to obtain the Green Certificate. Bee farmers here are faced with the common challenge- bee has died of poisons. Hou says he has lost one-third bees at least so far.


Fortunately, the Disease Prevention Working Group of CBCGDF received a very positive reply from the Hubei provincial transportation department when dialoguing with the transportation department and Wuhan municipal department of disease prevention and control on March 1st: the Hubei provincial government has issued the No. 82 document to ensure the smooth transportation of all disaster-relief supplies and agricultural products. Health certificate and the certificate of receipt are required, and each truck shall allow no more than two passengers. The colleague of the Hubei provincial transportation department expresses that if farmers can contact the department if they meet any difficulties on the way.


This means the last barrier for Hubei beekeepers to get back is removed! The bee farmers who got stuck in Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province can return to their hometown. According to the Disease Prevention Working Group of CBCGDF, there are about 200 bee farmers, more than 10 of which are in Jingmen City, 40 in Dangyang City, and 60 in Gongan and Songzi. Nearly 100,000 boxes of bees are influenced.

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By / Wang Yanqing