Wuhan University Dormitories Requisitioned as Quarantines
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In response to the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan, recently, some student dormitories in Wuhan's universities have been temporarily requisitioned.


On February 8th, Jianghan University wrote a letter to all students through the official website in the name of the university, stating that the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia (NCP) Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued to the school the “Notice on Requisition of Some Schools as a Centralized Place for NCP Epidemic Prevention and Control”. It is also of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in the face of the current 2019-nCoV outbreak. According to the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases”, “Public Health Emergencies Regulations”, “Interim Measures of Wuhan NCP Epidemic Prevention and Control” made major decisions.


The school stated in the letter that the school fully took into consideration the vital interests, physical health, and property safety of each student, carried out an inventory of personal belongings in the student dormitory, and centralized storage to ensure the safety of the items. The school will thoroughly disinfect the bedrooms after the epidemic is over.


It is reported that more than ten universities and vocational schools have been requisitioned in Wuhan.


Some of these universities need to be upgraded to medical points as isolation points, and rooms also need to be renovated. Student dormitories that have been converted into quarantine areas will pack and transfer all the students' articles, and then clean and disinfect them. At the same time, for the renovation of the room, the universities consider the needs of suspected and fever patients as much as possible. And the voltage in the dormitory is not enough. Students usually use 220V low-voltage electricity, and now a high voltage of 380V is needed for medical equipment; Secondly, the pipeline system connecting the toilet to the septic tank must also be modified to ensure that the excreta of the isolated people can be discharged after disinfection.


After everything returns to normal, the government will replace and rehabilitate the requisitioned area, student dormitories, indoor facilities, etc., and conduct a full 15-day no-dead-end disinfection and sterilization. After testing to ensure that the occupancy standards are met, the students will be allowed to return to school.


In the comment area of the requisitioned information published by various universities, countless students left messages: "Thumbs up for alma maters" and "Cheer for Wuhan".




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