Wuhan Zoo Seeks Support from All Walks of Life to Ensure the Normal Life of Animals
2020/2/1 16:58:00 本站

On February 1st, the Wuhan Zoo issued an announcement saying that at the moment of the epidemic, Wuhan has implemented strict traffic and logistics controls, and some aquatic products in the city's farmer’s markets have been cut off. At present, the zoo's aquatic products are about to run out. They sincerely ask for support from all walks of life to ensure the normal life of animals!


Wuhan Zoo needs 30 catties loach every day, 40 catties freshwater small fish, 30 catties multi-spring fish or small yellow croakers. It’s urgent for people from all walks of life to help provide supply channels, the zoo can purchase. In addition, the zoo can also accept social donations, and the supply of goods needs to be safe and reliable.


Thanks to caring people and companies from all walks of life for their care and support to Wuhan Zoo!


Contact address: No. 60, Zoo Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan City (Wuhan Zoo Management Office)




(Photo credit: Wuhan Zoo)

By / Maggie