Warmth in the Cold, 200 Quilts and 4,500 Coats Were Sent to Fang County, Hubei Province in a Timely Manner | The CBCGDF Old Clothes Recycling Project
2019/12/31 18:15:00 本站

On December 28, a truck full of love goods entered Xiaoyu Village, Fang County, Hubei Province. Volunteers from the old clothes recycling project of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) braved the chilly winds and sent villagers there cleaned cotton clothes and quilts that were in need of winter.


After arriving at Xiaoyu Village, the volunteers of CBCGDF gave pieces of clothing wrapped in love to the children. In the big winter, the children in the new cotton clothes are full of happiness. They said, "Thank you for the love of your uncle and aunt. We will definitely study hard. When we grow up, we will become useful talents in the country and give back to our country and society."


After that, the volunteers also walked into nearby villages, carefully understood the families and living conditions of the people in need and sent all the love materials to their homes.


This caring donation was initiated by the CBCGDF old clothes recycling project.  This project was established in the second half of 2019 and is mainly based on the idea of recycling materials and reducing pollution emissions. Clothes donated by caring people from all over the country will go through a series of rigorous procedures such as sorting, disinfection and cleaning by the old clothes recycling project team, and then be packaged and transported to areas in need in China. The "Send Warmth and Love" activity was carried out in Fang County, Hubei Province. The materials were donated by the CBCGDF old clothes recycling project at various material bases in Hubei Province. After the preparation of other bases, volunteers gave these materials to villagers.


According to the statistics of the volunteers, this year's “sending warmth and love” activity in Fang County donated 200 quilts and 4,500 coats to several villages.







(Photo credit: CBCGDF volunteers)

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